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Blanks levels look at the development of verbal reasoning in children eg categorising, sequencing, predicting, problem-solving and inferring. They are divided into 4 levels which follow a developmental sequence. The focus is on understanding sentences and being able to answer questions appropriately rather than on using correct sentences and grammar.

It is important to work on the level that is right for your child. If you are unsure which level to choose, please speak to your child's teacher.

Blanks level 1

Eg: pointing to an object, matching an object

Blanks level 3

Eg: following a set of directions,

sequencing, predicting what might happen

next, thinking about feelings

Blanks level 2

Eg: understanding what we do with

something (function), categorising objects,

looking at a picture and answering simple


Blanks level 4

Eg: talking about 'why', 'why not', 'how do

we know', 'what could we do', 'what made

something happen'

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