Save your foil lined crisp packets !

At Christmas time our Norwich Dunelm branch community support group donated over 200 Christmas presents to our school, to spread joy to some of our families.

Now we can support them. They are supporting the East Anglian Air Ambulance by asking customers to save their foil lined crisp packets and bring them into the store. They will get 1p for every crisp packet collected which will soon mount up.

We will have collection boxes in every year group at school for you to put your EMPTY CLEAN FOIL LINED crisp packet in. Let`s see which year group can collect the most packets, we will keep a tally display to see how we are doing.

Let`s say a big thank you to Dunelm for their kindness, by collecting as many as we can. Start now at home and bring them in with you on March 8th when we all get together at school again.

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