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September detail & protocol

This document will explain what we intend to do when School reopens in September. You can also access this document at anytime from the Headteachers updates; which you can find on the home page of our website.


As we move towards opening fully in September here are some more details regarding what we will be doing once we start back.

As you know we are trying to keep your children in ‘bubbles’, the main one being the class they are in with the larger one being the year group. So, basically we will be keeping ‘bubbles’ apart from each other as much as possible!

The best evidence so far suggests that children do not experience the same intensity of symptoms as adults. They can, of course, catch the virus but it tends to be from adults rather than from each other. They can, of course, transmit the virus but it is the adults with whom they come into contact that are at greater risk. This is what we will intend to do:

  • Separate start and finish times for different groups.

  • Separate entry an exit points for different groups as long as everyone follows the guidance.

  • Separate break and lunchtimes.

  • Lunches to be taken in classrooms, including hot dinners in ‘take-away’ boxes.

  • No large assemblies.

  • PE lessons outside for as long as possible.

  • Music lessons with half a class rotating on a 2-week basis.

  • Regular and frequent hand washing/sanitising.

  • Regular and frequent spot cleaning of specific, frequently used surfaces ie door handles.

  • Regular deep cleaning.

  • Reducing the number of items that are shared between pupils.

  • Maintaining social distance as far as is practicable.

  • Ensuring that testing becomes available if there is the slightest hint of anyone showing signs of the virus more on this later!!

  • We will review our protocols every week and change our practice in the light of scientific advice and guidance. In line with the latest evidence, at the moment we are not suggesting that children wear masks.

  • Take care and enjoy the rest of the summer.

Covid19 notification 17 - Aug 20
Download PDF • 118KB

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