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Please see details of Free activities for Men aged 18-108yrs who live in Norfolk:

As you may be aware, Men`s Craft is a local charity that supports the well-being and development of men and boys in Norfolk. We have been running Pitt Stop at our Centre on Pitt Street in Norwich since 2018. Pitt Stop is a space for any man to find friendship and social connection over a cuppa and various informal activities. Or as we like to say, “to refuel, take stock and get firing on all cylinders!”

We began rolling out other Pitt Stops last year with North Walsham, but of course the pandemic has restricted our plans. We have however been providing various activities online via Zoom every week.

There are two types of online Pitt Stop: Pitt Stop Socials offer men the opportunity to check in about how things are with them, give time for some informal chat and conclude with a discussion around a topical theme or activity each week. Pitt Stop Socials directly replace what would have been the actual ‘in person’ sessions and will return to being face-to-face after lock down.

We also have Pitt Stop Clubs. These are specific activities which we can run online, such as Book Club, Pub Quiz and Film group*. These will continue online even after Lock down and are open to any man wherever he is in the county.

Our plan is to launch more Pitt Stop Socials in other localities. But rather than wait for the end of Lock

down, we going to start them online. We are beginning with local Pitt Stops in Kings Lynn, Dereham and Yarmouth. We hope to launch others later in the year.

All MensCraft events and services are regularly updated online:

Included are flyers for each of these activities

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