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Year Six


In Year 6, we strive to fully prepare our pupils for SATS and their transition to high school so that they can meet these challenges with confidence, resilience and pride. We find that pupils make accelerated progress academically, socially and emotionally.


One of the reasons pupils develop socially in Year 6 is through the additional responsibilities they are given (through the ‘Young Leaders’ scheme), such as: supporting with lunchtime clubs and in the dinner hall; helping in the library and with book fairs; taking visitors on tours of the school, and so on. These responsibilities build independence and maturity.

Please find our Year group Curriculum Overview at the bottom of the page.

SATS Preparation

In order to prepare our pupils for the SATS, we run extra booster sessions during school time to support pupils who need an extra little push to achieve their potential.

We even invite some pupils to ‘breakfast clubs’ where pupils are given breakfast while they tackle some practise SATS questions in a smaller group with lots of adult support. We expect Year 6 pupils to work hard and achieve success so that they feel proud of their achievements.

Trips & Rewards

As a reward for working hard in extra SATS booster sessions and breakfast clubs, pupils are given additional rewards, such as: a cooked breakfast, a pizza party in the Secret Garden and a trip to Bewilderwood for those who attended Easter school! 


There are also lots of additional trips, such as a trip to the theatre and a trip to London to visit Parliament. Of course, Year 6 wouldn’t be complete without an end of year disco in the large hall to celebrate their time at primary school and the beginning of their new adventure.


As well as the SATS, Year 6 contains many other exciting challenges and opportunities to develop skills. One of the defining moments of Year 6 is the end of year musical, which gives the pupils the opportunity to hone their drama, singing, dancing and design skills. The sense of creating something together as a whole year group provides a sense of unity and team spirit.


 There will also be plenty of sporting opportunities including the chance to be part of the Year 6 boys and girls football teams. Our talented sportsmen and sportswomen often get the chance to compete against other schools at the UEA.


We also take part in the Make £5 Grow project where children learn how to manage a business from doing market research, planning, making, costing, marketing and selling to make a profit. Every year, the pupils impress us with their creativity and effort when they sell their products at whole-school events, such as the Christmas Fayre and Sports Day.

Towards the end of Year 6, we complete a transition programme which helps you to learn more about your new schools and prepare for the changes, challenges and opportunities. We even have a session teaching you about how to manage money as you become more responsible and independent.

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Year 6 Curriculum Overview
Knowledge Organisers
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