Welcome to the Catton Grove 21/22 School council page. We have just chosen our class councillors, and are looking forward to our first School council face to face meeting.

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Our first project has been set by the Head teacher 

Autumn Term  School Council Theme.....

How does the school already help us keep our minds and bodies healthy? Are there any other ways, the school could support children to keep healthy minds and healthy bodies at breaktimes or around the environment (eg we have outdoor gym equipment at the bottom of the playground, maybe a weekly challenge (easy, moderate, hard) could be set around that circuit for a month? Doing a survey or two to capture pupil voice eg What do kids do at breaktime? How do kids get to school? These surveys would be really interesting to remind us of the profile of our community but also then to see if our provision is adequate and interesting enough?  Would it result in the need for more bike racks to encourage more biking to school etc. Is the playground layout matching what the children do or would want to do? eg. Would we want to turn the top playground into a seating playground or zone out areas? Do the children need to be taught a new game each week that could be delivered via video as a 5 min clip…Game of the week? 

Our new Senior councillors

Voting took place on Oct 18th to choose our Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer for our School Council.

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Elizabeth Keeble was voted in as Chairperson.
Iaia Djalo was voted Treasurer .
Maisie Garrett was voted in as Secretary.

March school council meeting

Our new school council project is based around saving energy and lowering the electricity bill for our school. We have asked the class councils to discuss where we use the most energy in school and how can we all help lower that usage. We are looking into arranging an elec free day in classes ,cutting back on lights around the school and finding the cheapest time to recharge our technology items. We will meet again after Easter to talk about our class council meetings.