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We all have a statutory duty to safeguard, protect and promote the welfare of children and at our school we take this responsibility seriously. 


This means that adults in school listen to children and talk to parents and carers about worries.


We need your help during the Coronavirus crisis to help us. We think that children will have time away from school as families self-isolate.


This means school will not see some children or parents/carers as often.

You can contact us - we will listen to any worries or concerns you have about children and families.


Any worry will be seen and read by Senior Management and other

specially trained teachers.

Please e-mail any worries or concerns to: OR

Call Children’s Advice and Duty Service on 03448008020

Please include your name and phone number.

Name the child or family you are worried about.

Tell us - is it something you have seen or have been told?



If it is an emergency, 











Your information will be treated confidentially this means we do not tell the family about who has told us about a worry. We do share

information with other professionals if we are worried that a child may be at risk of harm.

The specially trained people you can talk to in school are:


Mrs. Rider (Safeguarding Leader)


Miss. Lacey (Deputy Headteacher & Safeguarding)

Mrs. Lorne (Headteacher)


Ms. Shenton (Deputy Headteacher)


Mr. Greenall (Assistant Headteacher for Learning/Inclusion)


Mrs. C Bryan (S.E.N.C.O.)


Miss. Miller (Family Community Support Assistant)

Mr. Grimadell (Assistant Headteacher for Teaching and Learning)

Possible Concerns:



This could be slapping, punching, kicking, pinching, hair pulling, burns, bruises, etc.


Shouting, being unkind, not including a child in family events, child seeing upsetting situations, manipulating a child, etc.


Anything sexual (including penetration and non-penetration) , sexual touching, taking inappropriate pictures, encouraging a child to watch sexual activity between others or touch others sexually, online safety, etc.


You may have worries about home conditions, lack of food, electric/gas/water, children not being

washed, clothes that are too small/too big or dirty, nits that are not treated, health worries that are not being treated, missing appointments with health visitor, hospital or GP, etc.

Domestic Abuse:

Verbal, physical and controlling behaviours both in and outside the family home. Includes over the phone, internet or social media.


This includes the behavior of an adult or a child that causes concern.

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