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Catton Grove is part of the Communication Champion Project.   


The Communication Champion Project is one part of the Norwich Opportunity Area, launched by the government to improve the life chances of local children. It aims to support early speech and language development to give children the skills they need to communicate inside and outside school, now and in the future.  


What are our aims? 


Communication Champion Project Mission Statement To have a clear system in place to support identify and support children with speech, language and communication needs. To work in partnership with parents/carers to support children with speech, language and communication in their home as well as at school. To ensure classroom environments support the development of speech language and communication skills for all children in the setting. All staff to receive CPD to understand and support speech, language and communication.


What are we doing at CGPS?

  • Miss Bryan (Communication Champion) has completed the Communication Champion Leadership training. 

  • All Foundation Stage staff have attended initial training in school.

  • Staff are using this training to make sure classrooms and teaching are communication-friendly.

  • Catton Grove Primary and Mile Cross Primary School are working together to develop The North Norwich Communication Hub, one of four Hubs in Norwich. We will provide training and support for other schools and offer more opportunities for families to get involved.


What can parents/carers do?


If the parents are concerned about their child's speech. language and communication then please go to the top tips page


How can I get more support for my child?


The following websites contain useful information on speech and language development, strategies to help your child as well as speech and language resources and activities.

Copy and paste the following links into your browser to access the sites.

The website for the local speech and language therapy service is

 Look here to find out more about referral for a speech and language assessment as well as general information on speech and language development. They currently have a help line

that parents can use to ask for advice.

The number is 01502719830 and is available Monday to Friday 9am -


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