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What is Catton Grove Primary School trying to achieve through its curriculum?

We believe your children deserve the very best we can offer them. To realise our aims, our partnership with children and families is at the heart of everything we do.

We are the size of some High Schools, so we seek to use the scale of our resources to support and invest in our children and families whilst maintaining a strong identity as a Primary School which we describe as our Catton Grove School family.


A unique curriculum package that we are in a privileged position to offer!

CGPS Curriculum Statement
Relevant Curriculum


We want our curriculum to be consistent, relevant, challenging and accessible to all, ambitious academically and one that uncovers and develops talent.

In short, we want to ensure that all children build memories, develop independence, thrive in life and believe they can change the world with the relevant knowledge, skills, and understanding they’ve acquired and developed on their learning journeys with us. 

Our Aims


Our aim is to make our school a place where children and staff feel safe and secure and want to spend their time to learn. 

We are a reflective school, focused on improving children’s learning experiences whatever their starting points. We celebrate success however big or small.


We seek to nurture a passion for learning in both adults and children to create the motivation and momentum in everyone, to strive to be the best they can be!

Core Values & Deep Learning


We promote a strong work ethic with the commitment to support our children however we can, to develop the resilience needed to stick to that path amidst adversity.

We seek to develop a depth of learning that enables children to view the world through different perspectives and use this knowledge and understanding to solve problems both inside and outside of the box.

We have a clear set of school core values which we actively promote through-out the year. This explicitly develops a strong sense of moral purpose and collective responsibility as members of our Catton Grove Primary School ‘family’ and the wider community and society.

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is Can Do and Why not? With a broad, balanced and progressive platform of curriculum knowledge we can ALL reach for the stars!


This we feel is the best way to prepare our children for the next stage of their learning and as contributors to the future shaping of society. 

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