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Striving for Excellence



Striving for Excellence


As we move towards opening fully in September we wanted to give you a ‘heads-up’ before the end of term as to what we are planning – more information will follow towards the end of the summer.


As you know the government have suggested that in order to keep everyone safe we are advised to continue with the idea of ‘bubbles’ as much as possible, so these are our initial thoughts.



Nursery/Reception/Y1- Use Hunter Road and Weston Road gate

Y2/Y3/Y4/Y5/Y6                       -           Use Middleton Close



Morning Nursery/Y6                 -           8.30am (Nursery on MUGA, Caterpillars to line up against              

                                                            their fence, Y6 to line up on the PLAYGROUND)

Y4/Y5/Y1                                  -           8.45am (Y4/Y5-line up PLAYGROUND – Y1-line up MUGA)

Reception/Y2/Y3                      -           9.00am (Y2/Y3-line up PLAYGROUND – Reception-MUGA)

Afternoon Nursery                    -           12:30 (MUGA)



Morning Nursery                      -           11:30  - collected MUGA

Reception/Y1                           -           3.15pm – collected MUGA

Y2//Y4/Y6                                -           3.15PM – collected PLAYGROUND

Afternoon Nursery                   -             3:30PM - collected MUGA

Y3 / Y5                                     -           3:30 - collected PLAYGROUND


Break times during the morning will be staggered so that only one year group ‘bubble’ is on one area at a time. 

We will be using the playground, field (weather permitting) and the MUGA.


Lunchtimes will also be staggered – we will be able to provide a hot meal or a packed lunch. 

Meals will be eaten in classrooms. Hot meals will be in ‘takeaway’ boxes. 

Children will be in for half an hour and out for half an hour.


We are asking everyone to stick to the times and places in order that we can keep the risk of transmission to a minimum. 

We would also ask that you arrive on site 5 minutes before your child’s start and end times and that you vacate as quickly as possible.


We want to ensure that YOU feel confident about YOUR children returning to school and, as far as possible getting back to ‘normal’. This can only happen if everyone cooperates and is respectful of what we are trying to achieve.


We will update you with more details towards the end of the summer

Home Learning

In the event that the school closes or your family have to self-isolate we are making sure that 

all pupils have access to learning activities during this time.

Please keep checking your child's year group page for activities and links.

Please click on the link below for advice from the Government on supporting your child's education during Coronavirus (COVID-19)  

Food Support

Please use the drop down menu under COVID19 to access the list of Food Support initiatives in Norwich.

For Free School Meals, please see the letter below dated 7th of April 2020. The letter is also placed under the Headteacher's notices on the home page. 


Please keep checking in on the website as this will be our main means of communication to you over the coming days and weeks – hopefully not months. You can contact us through the website using email, the online forms and the live help button. We will always respond as soon as we possibly can.
Take care and keep safe – we are here to help as much as we can.

Below, you can read the letter from Mr. Lawes dated 15th July 2020.

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