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To view this email on the Edenred website CLICK HERE

Some of you may have experienced some slow running of the administrator online ordering website and the eCode redemption website on 27th/28th April due to an identified issue with the system.

This also means that many people were experiencing ‘Invalid eCode’ error messages on the eCode redemption website.

We’d like to apologise for any inconvenience caused and reassure you that our teams have worked hard to deploy a solution which has now rectified the problem.

Anyone trying to redeem an eCode received on 27th and 28th April and receiving error messages can now try again. For persistent eCode errors, please refer to the troubleshooting guidance below.

Advice for those experiencing eCode redemption errors

If the problem persists:

If you ordered bulk eCodes using the self-distribution method:

  • If you entered an activation date for a date in the future, the eCode will not work until on or after that date.

  • Please check the eCode entered matches the original bulk eCodes download file. Sometimes when copying and pasting eCodes from the .csv elsewhere it can change the format of the number and drop leading zeros. eCodes will always be 16-digits long.

For Edenred distributed eCodes:

  • You may have entered the incorrect eCode. Please try to enter your eCode again. If your code is still not accepted, please delete the browsing history on your device - as your device may be storing the incorrect code in its memory.

If you are still experiencing problems, please use the contact details below for further support:

For school administrators:

Kind regards,Edenred UK

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