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Copy of Fully funded Qualification - Support Children's Mental Health

We are supporting parents to understand children's mental health and are providing a FREE qualification to help.

This qualification is free for parents and staff at Catton Grove Primary School.

This is titled: Understanding Children & Young People's Mental Health, which is nationally accredited and certificated upon completion.

The structure is below:

  • The qualification is all question based

  • 6 weeks to be completed, taking between 15-30 hours to do so

  • Online platform to complete the qualification, therefore a computer or laptop will be needed.

  • 2 workbooks to be completed, with them needing to be submitted at the 3 & 6 week stage.

  • Tutor support throughout for any help and guidance

please click here to watch a short video outlining the key information.

(Withdrawal fee of up to £150 for non-completion without genuine reason)

(sign up with no effort to complete).

The Criteria:

  • Aged 19+

  • Have the right to work in the UK

  • Have been in the EU/UK for the past 3 years

  • Not currently doing a government funded qualification

  • Once completed, can enrol on further qualifications

Please pass the following link to parents to start the process: 

This will need to be completed by Monday 19th October.

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