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COVID Symptoms


After the first week back we thought it would be useful to clarify the position with regard to COVID symptoms and what you should do if you think your child is not well.

The symptoms of the coronavirus are very clear for everyone – they are: A persistent cough. A higher than normal temperature – 38C or above. An apparent loss of smell or taste.

If you suspect that your child is displaying any or all of these symptoms and you want advice ring 111.

In any event, at this stage, we would advise you to be cautious and keep your child at home and request a test immediately by ringing 119 or by going online to

If your child has brothers and sisters, again, at this stage they too must kept at home until any test is returned.

If we feel that a child is displaying any or all of the above symptoms when he/ she is at school we will isolate them immediately in a specific room set aside for that purpose, call you and ask you to administer a test. You will then be responsible for sending it off as soon as possible.

We can only offer advice and guidance for you – we may be many things but we are not medically trained and will not offer any kind of diagnosis.

Take care and continue to stay safe.

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