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Free School Meal Update


You may have heard that the government has ensured that every pupil entitled to a benefits related Free School Meal will be able to receive one, or a voucher, over the Easter holiday period.

This information is accurate and we are trying to ensure that this happens as soon as we can.

At the moment we are struggling to add new pupils on to our existing list and to change existing emails where they are inaccurate but we will get there. For the majority of you this will not be a problem and you will be in receipt of your voucher(s) in the next day or so via the email address you provided to us.

Please bear with us as we try and resolve the situation for the small minority that this affects.

Once again, try and enjoy yourselves in the hope that all this effort we have collectively put in will mean that the virus is at least contained if not beaten just yet.

Take care and keep safe we are here to help as much as we can.

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