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Headteacher's Notice. School Return - June 1st.

Please read this important message from our Headteacher. You can read here in this post, and you can access the letter anytime from the home page of the Catton Grove website.


Striving for Excellence

So….. the government has decided that it is safe for more children to return to school. I make no comment on that decision. As a result, we WILL be opening on Monday for the children in YR/Y1/Y6 whose parents signed them up before half-term. If you did indicate that your child(ren) will be attending, Maggie will have sent you details of which group your child(ren) will be in and what session they should attend.

Can I remind you that we do expect the following when the children are back in school:

• Be on time – 5 minutes before the session starts – Y6 pupils can line up on the playground, Y1/YR pupils outside their classrooms.

• Wear school uniform.

• Bring your OWN water bottle.

• Bring a packed lunch if necessary – we WILL NOT be providing lunches.

• Maintain social distance from each other.

• Follow the guides around the school – Y1/YR pupils/parents.

• Collect Y6 children from the playground, Y1/YR pupils from outside classrooms.

• Leave the site as soon as you have dropped off/collected your child(ren).

As a reminder and to ensure that we continue to minimise risk, when your child(ren) arrives and before they go into the classroom their temperature will be taken using an infra-red, handheld thermometer. If the temperature reading is 38C or more, we will ask you to take your child(ren) home with you.

We will be trying to ensure that everyone is safe whilst they are in school so we will be cleaning the classrooms after every session as well as doing a more thorough clean at the end of every day. Doors and windows will be kept open as much as possible.

Once again it is important to state that all we can do is reduce risk. We CANNOT eliminate it and we have to be honest with you about that.

For the remainder of this academic year YOU CAN CHOOSE to send your child(ren) in or not. You WILL NOT be fined for non-attendance.

Take care and keep safe – we are here to help as much as we can.

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