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Help with Finances during Covid

Struggling with your

finances because of


Coronavirus has had a big impact on

some people’s finances – from losing

a job, having to move because of

relationship problems or suffering the

financial effects of isolating.

If you’re struggling with money problems

because of coronavirus, we may be able to help

you with:

✔ Daily living expenses

✔ Food

✔ Fuel

✔ Household items – fridge, cooker etc

✔ School uniforms / school meals

✔ Essentials – like toiletries, nappies etc

We can also help with laptops, dongles,

smartphones and wifi, if you need these

for job hunting.

Ask for help

now from

the Norfolk



Find out what help is available and apply

for support on our website

give us a call on 01603 223392

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