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Important Notice - June 29th Return

Please read the important school notice that explains the potential return to school for some children on the 29th of June. You can read the notice in this post and access it anytime from the Headteacher'n Notice's on the home page.


You may be aware that the government has stated that it does NOT expect all primary school pupils to return for the 4 weeks before the end of term. This was always going to be a problem if social-distancing rules were applied we simply do not have enough space!!

The current arrangements are working really well. 90 pupils have attended at least one session.

On the 29th June we intend to open for more pupils from YR, Y1 and Y6 and we are also planning, circumstances permitting, to open for those pupils who want to take up places in Y2 and Y5.

If you have a child(ren) in Y2 or Y5 and you would like them to attend please indicate on the survey associated with this latest message.

Equally, if you have a child(ren) in YR, Y1 or Y6 and you would like them to attend for the remainder of this term, again please let us know.

All the expectations outlined on the previous messages to you will apply. We will continue to take the temperature of all children before they go into class and if their temperature is 38C or more, we will ask you to take your child(ren) home with you.

We will be trying to ensure that everyone is safe whilst they are in school so we will be cleaning the classrooms after every session as well as doing a more thorough clean at the end of every day. Doors and windows will be kept open as much as possible.

Once again it is important to state that all we can do is reduce risk. We CANNOT eliminate it and we have to be honest with you about that.

For the remainder of this academic year YOU CAN CHOOSE to send your child(ren) in or not. You WILL NOT be fined for non-attendance.

Take care and keep safe we are here to help as much as we can.

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