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Lockdown Time Capsule

Hello everyone!

Lockdown will be something we all look back on for the rest of our lives. To remember this special time and get ready for going back to school, we are setting a fun summer challenge!

You have 6 weeks to complete your Lockdown Time Capsule. Watch the ‘how-to’ videos on Instagram (the.nest.project), Facebook (@thenestprojectcommunityart) and to help you. 

Bring your completed capsule with you to the first day of school and receive your certificate! You will need a large glass jar with lid to make your capsule.


Draw round your hands on an old magazine/ newspaper and cut out. Write a memory of lockdown on each finger. On the other hand, write down the things you are looking forward to doing back at school. Put them in your jar.


Find 2 pine cones and tie one to the end of a string. Measure your height with the string and tie another pine cone at your height. Cut the string and put it in your jar. STONE


How many people are in your class?  Collect one stone for every person in your class and put them in a circle.  Paint, draw or stick your teacher’s face on a stone, now try drawing your friends’ faces. Pop one or two stones in the jar. STAY SAFE STICKER4

Draw round a glass to make a circle and design a sticker reminding us to keep safe and social distance.  Put it in the jar.


Search your garden or park for grasses and seeds, stick them onto the outside of your jar.  The seeds are like you, little parcels of energy, ready to grow in September.


Crush grass in a bowl with water to make ink – get a stick and use the ink to write a nametag for your jar. Tie it around the top of the jar with string.


You will need: stones, paint or felt pens

You will need: a glass, paper, scissors, coloured pens

You will need pine cones, string, scissors

You will need a magazine/newspaper, scissors, pen

You will need grass, a bowl, paper and a stick

You will need seed heads and glue/double-sided tape

Well done for taking part, you have become part of history!

Take your time capsule into school to receive your certificate or contact The Nest Project. Stay Safe, Have Fun!

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