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Norwich East SSP Challenge

NORWICH EAST SSP CHALLENGE - Create a picture, or a 3D model, related to Fishing – its serious side and/or its ‘fun factor’! Entries to be in by – Friday 12th June please -See attached 'virtual activities' for more information

I've also attached a picture of my virtual 'fishing lake' in my garden (which was made for the purposes of our Norfolk School Games virtual angling launch!) is made with polythene sheets, cut outs of paper fish..and some cuddly toys) are more than welcome to copy this if you want to, or you can paint, draw or make any fishy picture, or creation of your choice

NORWICH EAST SSP COMPETITION Create a Fishy Story or Poem – try using fishy puns if you can. Entries to be in by – Friday 12th June See attached 'virtual activities' for more information about how to enter Good luck and I'll look forward to receiving your entries - each year group will be judged separately so please remember to let me know what school and what year you are in, please? - you will also see a fishing game (no need for any water for this one!) and some jokes you can tell your friends & family on the 'virtual activities' attachment.

NE SSP - Virtual Activities 2nd June 202
Download • 199KB

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