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Parents please read..

Weston Road,

Norwich, NR3 3TP.

TEL./FAX. (01603) 426728


Headteacher: Mr. T. Lawes M.A.

18th March 2020


Dear Parent/Carer

In response to the announcements made by the government on Monday, the recommendations are now:

Any persistent cough, new cough and/or temperature (above 37.8) requires all family members who live with this

person to self-isolate for 14 days.

Please contact school and tell us if you are self-isolating your family either by phoning 01603 426728 OPTION 5,

or email or

School work for all children will be available on the school website by the end of the school day for anyone who

is self-isolating or does so in the near future. This can be accessed via your internet provider and by typing the

following into the google search bar:

If at any point we are advised to close; work will be posted for pupils on the school website in the same way and

updated at regular intervals.

As a precaution, the following activities have been stopped leading up to the Easter Holidays:

• SISTEMA has stopped from Tuesday 18th March until further notice

• Clubs run by school staff will continue this week, which will be the natural finish for this term

• Swimming will not take place until further notice and normal PE sessions will resume during this time

• The residential trip to France has been cancelled-Information will be sent out to parents as soon as we receive it,

we are in contact with our insurance company with regards to refunds. This will take time so please bear with us.

• Brancaster – Monday 23rd March, we received a phone call at 10:30am this morning to confirm the Brancaster

residential trip has been cancelled. Please bear with us whilst we contact our insurance company in order to

implement refunds.

• Day trips have been cancelled or postponed until further notice

• Mother’s day celebrations have been recorded for parents to view on the school website from tomorrow, for you

to enjoy on Mother’s day, this Sunday

• Easter school for Year 6 pupils has been cancelled, all the children have their packs to bring home with them and

work through; ready to return after the Easter holiday

Wednesday 25th March – No Progress meetings – It will be a normal school day.

To all Parents & Carers, please ensure that you are limiting the time you are on site and not

gathering unnecessarily in the foyer, car parks or outside classrooms.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for trusting us as an organisation to do what is necessary to continue to

provide the best quality of education we can in these difficult times.

Your children are a real credit to you and our school and they continue to strive to be the best they can be with

the humour and positive outlook that we all need right now.

Yours faithfully

Mrs Lorne

Deputy Headteacher


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