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We have been a bit quieter than we would have liked over the last couple of weeks. Like everyone, we have been coping with lots of changes with many events and projects being postponed. But community is everything to us so we couldn't stay quiet for long! While we can't all get together physically, we would love to continue celebrating all the brilliant stuff going on in our community gardening groups, schools and homes so we have a plan... Over the coming weeks we will be putting our efforts into growing our online community to create a place where we can share the things we're doing in our gardens, things we've seen on our daily walks and also look back at some of the things we achieved before it all changed. And share some other fun bits and bobs to keep us all smiling along the way. Below are some of the ways you can join in and an idea of what's to come. We'll also be sending this special newsletter fortnightly to show you some of the week's highlights, in case you aren't or social media or missed the posts. If you would like to receive these each fortnight, please let us know here.

If not, you may not hear much from us for a while but you'll still receive the usual Campaign for School Gardening newsletters once we're back! You can also forward this email onto your friends, colleagues or fellow volunteers so that they can also sign up to receive these special newsletters. So let's get started!...

Help us grow a rainbow Over the coming weeks, we'd love your help to do what you do best, which is growing the colours of the rainbow in your gardens, on balconies or in your windows. As we all know, rainbows have become an important symbol during these challenging times so we'd love to help lift spirits and brighten up people's days. Let's grow brightly coloured blooms for all to see. Maybe you could encourage people in your street or group to each grow different colours? Do you have any resources you could share with others? Just remember to be safe :)

Grow and Tell Remember when you had to do a 'show and tell' at school? This is similar but less scary! Each week on our Facebook and Twitter pages, we'll invite you to show us what you're growing or what you've seen when out for your daily exercise. Sticking with our rainbow theme, this week we'd love to see your photos of red blooms! You can join in by using #GrowandTell

Tell us a story Have you been finding creative (but socially distant) ways to keep connecting with or growing in your community? Sharing your stories with us will inspire others and celebrate the work still going on behind the garden gates. The story behind this amazing display will be coming soon! But meanwhile, if you've got something interesting to tell us, drop us an email and send some photos if you have any!

Grow at Home The RHS has launched a new initiative called Grow at Home to help support people and boost their wellbeing. It's especially great for people who aren't sure where to start. Each week this webpage will be updated with activities and advice for people, plus a few fun activities to try out with children. Maybe let your friends or family know if they're trying out gardening for the first time and need a little help.

Family Fun In case you've not seen, over on our Campaign for School Gardening Facebook and Twitter pages, we're also sharing activities that are great for keeping children busy, projects for families to do together, plus some fun weekly challenges for young people. Go follow if you'd like to see more!

If you've been forwarded this email, and you want to keep up with the latest community gardening news sign up to our mailing list below. Sign me up!

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