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School Full Opening - September

Please read the letter from Mr Lawes which you will find in this message. You can also find the letter listed under Headteacher notices which you will find on the home page of our website.

As we move towards opening fully in September there continues to be much uncertainty over what might ACTUALLY happen in the next few weeks as the virus continues to disrupt our lives.

It is the government’s view that your children should be back in school from next month – full time. We agree and we hope you do too.

You will have seen the last message we posted regarding arrangements for bringing your children back. We are really hoping you will stick to this guidance. As we have said before, we CANNOT say that the school environment will be 100% safe no school, business, organisation can.

However, what we can say is that we have put everything in place that we can in order to MINIMISE THE RISK of infection that is all we can do. So far, we have had no reported cases of infection whilst either children or adults have been on site.

What is emerging is that some people, including children, have tested positive without displaying any obvious symptoms. This clearly is a problem. However, we are assured that testing will be available and that results will be quick. Watch this space!

Many of the children have missed a lot of school. They DO NEED to be back we want to see them too. They are better off in school than not in especially after this length of time.

You will have heard that the government is going to reintroduce fines for non-attendance. Our view is that this should be a VERY LAST RESORT.

We know that some of you will be very anxious about sending your children back that is completely understandable. BUT, we think we have done all we can to ensure that the school will continue to be a safe and secure place where they will thrive and do well.

We will be following the guidance issued by the government and more.

As has always been the case, we rely on your support to be able to do what we do now more than ever we need you to work with us on behalf of your children. Take care and enjoy the rest of the summer.

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