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School Update

Please read the latest update in this post. You can also access the update from the website homepage.


We are now in our third week back and I would like to thank everyone once again for your support in enabling us to continue to try and keep things as ‘normal’ as possible in what are very strange times for all of us.

Your children are, as usual, being AMAZING!! They have responded to the changes we have had to put in place with their usual enthusiasm and resilience. They have been incredibly adaptable which is great.

To date, no one associated with the school has had a positive test for the virus. However, it MAY happen in the future and if it does we will work very closely with public health authorities on a plan to ensure that transmission is kept to an absolute minimum.

This is likely to mean that the smallest ‘bubble’ will be instructed to go into a period of isolation. In our case this COULD mean a CLASS or possibly even a YEAR GROUP.

It is VERY UNLIKELY to mean the whole school.

Beyond this we are unable to give you more specific guidance because it all depends on the context behind the particular individual. We will, of course be following government guidelines and advice in everything we do.

What we WILL do is keep you informed AT ALL TIMES so that you know EXACTLY what is happening

Take care and continue to stay safe.

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