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Stay At Home

You may well have seen the latest phase of HM Government’s Stay Home, Save Lives Coronavirus campaign “Act like you’ve got it”, which has now launched across TV, radio, outdoor, social media and print.

The campaign, which communicates the Government’s advice on measures to manage the pandemic, is designed to drive an increased urgency and compliance around key behaviours and are particularly aimed at those who haven’t yet changed their habits. It can be used by a whole range of partners and organisations, including Local Resilience Fora.

There are now also Stay Home resources specifically for:

Social assets for younger people

Translations - Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Urdu, Romani

More assets will continue to be added to the Campaign Resource Centre (CRC) Coronavirus Campaign Centre. Other recent additions include:

1. Handwashing - how to avoid contracting coronavirus by regularly washing hands for 20 seconds – including alternative formats

2. Household isolation - a campaign for people with even mild symptoms to act immediately and not contact anyone outside their household. Alternative formats now available including BSL videos

3. The Prime Minister’s letter and national door drop leaflet – with translations and alternative formats

4. Travel advice for ports of entry - Essential travel advice from the government about coronavirus and international travel. Learn about the government response to coronavirus on GOV.UK. For further health information and advice please visit

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Kind regards,

PHE Partnerships

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