Using MYON to read at home...

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Because of the short-term school closure at the moment , we will be reverting to the MYON reading online scheme so your children will have access to top quality accelerated reading levelled books on their devices at home.

The children in yr 3/4/5/6 have already got a MYON account with the same username and password as their Accelerated account in school so they are used to using this so lets get them reading at home, it's so important to read every day. The teachers can see if your child is reading and how they are doing, the quizzes are still available online just the same.

Back in March during the lock down,MYON was invaluable to the school and children and we put a how to access and use MYON blurb for parents, I have added this again below to help, if you need help please DOJO me on the library page or school story page.

In Google window enter logon. Do not use myOn .com as that is the USA site.

Enter Catt in the school window, our school will come up ,click

Enter your ac/reader user name and password

Now you are on your home page, click and tell the programme what books you enjoy reading then save..

Click on the connect now orange button and put your user and password in again and click allow , you only need to do this once.

When you click on the left hand side in the black myOn section your ZPD score will change


Click on projects then reading at home to see all the books that are there for you to read, if you w