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Way to go Catton Grove readers...

For today, I`m just going to send congratulations to those of our children who have been outstanding in their reading, since they have been at home.

Remember year 3,4,5

the myOn programme is online for you with hundreds of books you can listen too or read yourself.

In year 3 Adrian has read over 93,000 words since he has been at home, Sameeha has read over 50,000 words, Bartas and Saule have read over 30,000 along with Arturs, Emily and Nidas and Stefan.Well done to you all....

In year 4 Eneo has read over 50,000 words and coming in at over 30,000 are Iaia and Nojus. Also reading over 20,000 words are Skye, Adrian and Jayden.

Year 5 your top readers are, Zalan with over 172,000 words, Blake with over 150,000 words read, David with over 100,000 words and Mccaulay with 77,000 words.

Year 5 you have really gone for it the last two weeks well done to you all....

Keep on reading.......

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