Year 5 Pupil Work during School Closures

During the period of school closures, pupils in Year 5 will be expected to complete work every day. It is important that the work we have sent home is completed and that dictionaries / internet / family members are used to support learning when pupils are stuck. We are sending home a learning pack with lots of activities and more details on how to support your child.

What we would like you to do:


  • We would like all pupils to access the Times Tables Rockstars website. Pupils have login details and individual passwords in the ‘Home Learning’ books. There are lots of fun activities on learning times tables.

  • Pupils should also work on their individual times tables targets using the 1-12 digit cards in the ‘Home Learning’ books. They place the cards face down, then turn them over randomly and multiply the card by their tables target.

  • Pupils should answer questions on each of the 4 operations: +, -, x and ÷. They have been taught these methods, but if they need a reminder of the methods used, they can be found in the school calculations policy, which is on our CGPS website. Numbers for calculations can be generated using 1-9 of their digit cards. More confident pupils can generate larger numbers to work with.

  • There is a multiplication and division board game in the ‘Home Learning’ book. (You will need a dice or you could use 1-6 of the digit cards)

  • There are additional maths activities and ideas on our school website.

  • For additional challenges, pupils can also access the BBC KS2 bitesize website on Mathematics.



  • Pobble images for creative writing 

  • Year 3/4 & 5/6 spelling lists 

  • Model text to story map and practice


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPAG)

This is something that sounds really tricky, but can be fun to try and understand how spoken and written language can change with right spelling, punctuation and grammar.




The best thing you can do is read with your child and show an interest in their reading. Ask questions to find out how much they understand, tell them the sort of things you like to read and try and find connections with the books they are reading to the wider world.

Remember that your child can also log onto myON -


Art & DT

  • Create something made from junk modelling about nature

  • Draw or paint a variety of spring flowers and plants




As our next topic will be Evolution and inheritance, it would be great if your child could start some research on this fascinating topic.

Check out BBC bitesize -

If you want to challenge your child, try and find know more about Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution.



At Catton Grove, we are mainly using Scratch to teach computing. Your child should know how to use it. There are loads of guides and tutorials, they can create their own games and even look at what other people have created.



  • Learn the numbers 1 -20 in Spanish




In the summer term, we will be learning about the Anglo Saxons. We would like the children to research the Anglo Saxons and present what they find in any way they choose. They can find plenty of information on the BBC bitesize website.


We would  like pupils to access the following websites:

  • Times Table Rockstars

  • Class Dojo

  • BBC Bitesize KS2

  • Khan Academy (with lots of useful videos for how to solve maths calculations)

  • Scratch


Rewards will be given to pupils who complete these activities and bring them in after the break.

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